Tuesday, November 8, 2011

MODEL - GoodReads Book Review

Jenna's Blogs: GoodReads Book Review #1: Dear John by Nicholas Sparks; My rating: 5 of 5 stars!

 The title of the book I'm reviewing is Dear John by Nicholas Sparks. The genre of the book is romance. The publication date of this book is December 1, 2009. There is 276 pages in this book. There has not been any awards for this book. It took me about 2 weeks to read. The main characters are John Tyree and Savannah Curtis. A supporting character is Savannah's parents and John's dad. The story took place right before 9/11 happened in North Carolina.
 The setting of my story is in North Carolina. The good guy in the story is John Tyree. A choice the main characters; John and savannah have to make are very big. John has to decide if he is going to fight in 9/11 and leave Savannah behind. Savannah decides if she is going to wait for John or move on to someone else. The major conflict in the story is when Savannah stops writing letters to John. She writes back a few months later giving him bad news. There is not really a bad guy in the story but if I have to choose it would be Tim, Savannah's family friend. He is the bad guy in my opinion because of what happens at the end. He is not bad, just the way he is presented in the story. Some other characters are Savannah's friends, John's friends from the Army, and Alan; Tim's son.
 The themes presented in the book are trust, relationships and decisions. The message that the author is trying to tell the readers is that you have to have trust in your relationship, anything can go wrong but you have to fight through it. Also Nicholas Sparks is saying decisions are very important because if could flip the situation upside down. The characters help out with this message by the way the relationship goes. John going to war keeps pushing Savannah away from the relationship. She made a decision that changed her life for the good and bad. The characters do make decisions that I disagree with. If i could change anything about the decision it would be Savannah's part. I would of made a different choice then her. The actions in the characters help the reader understand the message because of the decision Savannah makes at the end.
 What I liked about the book is the letters. John and Savannah would write letters back and forth to each other when John was away in a different part of the world then Savannah. There motto was "Tell Me Everything." I think that is really cute and a good thing to have. They would number each letter and John saved every one he got. The part I did not like was the ending. John and Savannah break up and everything goes down hill after that. They take a break and see each other years later and they have feelings again, and it ends just like that! I really wanted to find out what happened next.
 I recommend this book to any one who enjoys a good romance story. If you want to read a good romance book I would definitely check out this book or any of Nicholas Sparks' stories. I've read a decent amount of his books. There all really good and a few of them have movies! Dear John has a movie, but i recommend reading the book, in my opinion I think the book is better. The next book I am reading is Soul Surfer by Bethany Hamilton. It is about her life before and after she shark attack. She lost her left arm while surfing. She still surfs today as a professional.